First Inspections, Inc.

Our company is built on the principles of providing quality service. 

When we decided to start First Inspections in 2003, we asked Realtors in the Charlotte market if there was a need for another inspector.  Almost all had the same response; first they said "Yes", then after a brief hesitation followed up with "Yes, we need quality home inspectors".   Hence our tag line ...Quality Home Inspections.

Therefore, what makes First Inspections stand above others is our quality.  Not just in the ability to identify issues with a home, but in knowing how to properly explain what we see to our clients.  We do not feel that we "have to find problems".  What we see is what we explain. 

When asked if we inspect expensive homes any differently than a small starter home the answer is most definitely "NO".  Each home it inspected as if I was buying it and moving my own family into it.

At First Inspections we understand that not all clients are the same.  A first time buyer may need additional hand holding verses a professional investor.  That is why all of our reports have our phone number and the invitation to call if there are any questions after the inspection is completed.